Fast and Affordable Cell Phone Repair Fontana CA

For nearly 30 years, we've been perfecting our craft- repairing electronics of all shapes, sizes, and function. We've developed expert skills and experience working on many types of electronics that have been around since we started doing this, such as video games & stereo equipment. The real focus of our work over the last decade however has been to become the best in repairing cell phones and other mobile devices such as tablets (iPads, etc.), and MP3 players (iPods, etc.). With millions of devices in existence in the United States alone, we've been able to become a rapidly growing business that is in high demand, and has developed a trustworthy and credible reputation. In fact, in this last year alone we have repaired nearly 11,000 devices- approximately 7,000 of them being iPhones! With this kind of need for fast and affordable cell phone repair in Fontana and beyond with our ship-in repair option, we have a lot to look forward to as we continue to solidify our position as the best electronics and cell phone repair company in existence!


Our Team

Picture of Daniel Laue

Daniel Laue

With an eye for Talent, our Chief Executive Officer Daniel Laue has brought together a team to revolutionize another budding industry. Mobile Device Repair is a market that is just beginning to form, and with the experience brought to the table intends to provide a level of service unparalleled by any of our competitors. We promise to stock only the best products, and provide you with the knowledge to use it! Our technicians are here to help with any of your repair needs.

Picture of Stephen Rankich
Vice President/General Manager

Stephen Rankich

Stephen started off his technical career by modding X-Box and PlayStation's for himself and friends. Then he stepped up to building and modifying computers for the best gaming performance. In 2012 he was chosen to become one of the original staff and technicians at as we began to train a large staff for franchise locations. Stephen showed a special interest in being better than the next guy and expanded his knowledge quickly to become one of the top performing technicians in the company. Stephen left the company in late 2012 in search of closer opportunities at a competing repair facility and continued to grow and improve his knowledge and capabilities. In 2014 Stephen returned to become the General Manager of the Fontana, California location and has earned his new title and position. The store and company has thrived with his help and ability to "Crank" out the repairs in as little as seven minutes per screen replacement. Stephen is not only skilled but has shown his dedication to sticking with the business model and proven he can roll with the punches.

Picture of Laura Hart
CFO/Corporate Secretary

Laura Hart

Laura is very detail oriented and has a great ability to keep things organized. She spends her time behind the scenes making sure our projects get followed up on and also never lets the CEO forget anything. Laura is an amazing addition to our executive staff and even has a degree in interior design and will soon be helping give each of our locations some style in decor.